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About Evolution1 LLC

Manufacturer of ENVIRO-BEAMTM Building Products

Evolution 1 LLC is a company dedicated to creating a line of pre-insulated steel building products, ENVIRO products, that are labor saving, cost effective and environmentally sensitive.

The ENVIRO products were first developed in 1995 with brothers Duane and Ron Den Adel, both from the greater Seattle area. Duane, an accomplished commercial Project Engineer, and Ron, a skilled custom home builder, designed and built the first ENVIRO-BEAMTM structure, a 3200 square foot home in Mount Vernon, Washington. Manufactured out of a two-car garage, the first generation of products were ENVIRO-BEAMTM (window /door header) and ENVIRO-WALL, which combined created an ingenious thermal break.

Since then, the ENVIRO family of products has evolved to include: E-CURB (perimeter roof curbs), E-Mechanical Curb (Commercial HVAC curbs), E-Corner, E-Header Sill, and E-King.

MV House
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